Jarecki Valves got its start producing valve and valve components for the Navy Nuclear program and took our experience and expertise to the commercial valve market during the early 1980’s. Jarecki has built numerous valves for the mining industry. Targeting areas such as stem leakage, body gasket leakage, performance and endurance, Jarecki has developed a lone of valves which have met every one of these goals. Our quality control program requires that every valve has a seat leakage test, a hydrostatic test, and a torque test performed, before it leaves the factory. This assures that when the customer receives the valve, they get what they paid for every single time.


SV Series Ball Valves are floating ball valves with a two-piece ball and stem. Unlike the once piece ball and stem, the stem rotates on an axis, therefore leakage between the stem and the stem packing is minimized. Jarecki Valves also provides its live loaded packing system to all valves as a standard option. This further ensures leak free packing and less maintenance an downtime as a result. For metal seated valves, the balls are spherically ground and mate lapped to the seats. This provides both tight shut-off and lower torque's. Our standard shut-off for our metal seated valves is class V. However, we also offer class VI to our customers.

MDV Series Ball Valves are available in a variety of materials, end connections, and seat materials. This series is an economical alternative to piping systems using multiple valves to divert flow. Not only can we make a multidirectional flow ball valve metal seated, but we can also mate lap together the seat and the ball to such perfection, that we offer class VI shut-off for this series as well.